Coffee Machines

Cafe experience at home or at the office.

ESE Pod Machines are especially made for the use of ESE coffee pods. With ESE Pod Machines you can create an Italian style Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte. A water pressure of around 18 bar will guarantee perfect coffee extraction from pods.

The unique Philips Senseo® Brewing System continues to be a very popular coffee machine. Every cup is freshly brewed and prepared with the the ultimate balance between coffee and water – a guarantee for a smooth, full taste and delicious brewed coffee. Easy to use for all occasions.

Our coffee capsule machine is similar to some of the Nespresso® capsule machine range. Each capsule gives you a single serve portion of ground coffee. We believe that our Espressina model is a great choice between the Italian ESE coffee and softly brewed coffee generated by the popular Senseo® Brewing System.